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Traditionally at the end of each business year, the moment is to summarize the results. For years, Konvar with success has lower results that make each year even more successful than the previous year, and for the year 2018. we can certainly say that it is the most successful so far. The results are a merit of the team, and in each team there are individuals who, with their work and dedication, emphasized this opportunity, we also use to give thanks to the "Worker of the Year".
In addition to the high quality criteria for the performance of works of great importance for a successful project, the deadlines are also respected, especially on projects of particular importance for the city of Belgrade. By the combined forces with a long-standing partner Serbia gas that hired us on this turnkey system, the gas reached the chapel Bezanijska cemetery within the deadline.
With more than 1500km of hot water pipes of various diameters and structures and 14 thermal sources, JKP "Beogradske Elektrane" supplies its consumers during the heating season. Despite investing in the maintenance and reconstruction of the network, the average age of the entire hot water network is still ten years old. For this reason, every year during the season, there are problems in operation, breaking old pipes in the coldest days and nights that require quick reaction and even faster rehabilitation in difficult conditions. With the aim of warming the homes of our citizens, this year we will respond to every invitation from the PUC of Belgrade Power Plants and eliminate all the failures in the shortest time possible.
Disassembling the gas line DN300, reconstructing and relocating the heating network from the DN600-DN200 and moving the water supply network DN150 to all standards and technical requirements we have done on the ACS project.
Immediately after the end of the heating season 2017/18. we have continued the successful cooperation with the giant in the production of heat energy by contracting several projects, from reconstruction to the construction of a new heating network in the length of about 10km of different diameters for 5 supply sectors Konjarnik, Dunav, Miljakovac, Cerak and Novi Beograd.
Aleksandar R. Vučić, the coordinator for the development of the JP Srbijagas, in charge of the gasification of Ivanjica, said in a phone conversation that the works were intensified on Friday and that they were conducted without any problems.
Under the slogan "Think and act globally" in April 2018. we signed a contract for the execution of works on the construction of distribution gas pipeline network of low pressure polyethylene pipes in the territory of the municipality of Golubac
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